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How Do We Empower Students?

The Successful Educational Achievement (SEA) Program

Our SEA Program initiative includes not only academic tutoring but mentoring and relationship building as well. Our mentor/tutors emphasize organizational and study skills to develop successful habits and focus on individual learning styles to amplify student strengths and build confidence.


How we help students

It’s sink or swim in the mainstream classroom

When Ellen’s daughter Emily was struggling with learning differences, Ellen discovered that mainstream classrooms lacked available resources. We provide support where it’s needed most.

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We make 1:1 support a reality for our students

This would otherwise be out of reach for them. All of our students join us failing one or more key classes. The individualized sessions with our mentor/tutors make the difference.

We empower underserved students

Unleashing potential through our SEA program’s unique approach

The SEA Program empowers participants to pass their classes and realize their potential.

Students and Their Smiles of Success:

Our Partners & Awards

Loyola Marymount University
California Lutheran University
Santa Monica College
California State University, Channel Islands
University of Southern California
Pepperdine University
California Institute of the Arts: Cal Arts
Los Angeles Unified School District
El Rancho Unified School District
Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica
Boys and Girls Club of Malibu
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Conejo Valley
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme

From President Barack Obama:

“Lifetime Achievement Award for Community Service”
To Ellen and Michel Shane, 2015.

Our Impact

86% of student grades increased by a full letter grade or higher.
After only four months, 83% of students changed a failing grade into a passing grade.
86% of students reported that the SEA Program helped them “greatly” with learning, grades, and academic confidence.

Results From 2021-2022 School Year

Our Students Need Us
Without support, most underserved students do NOT meet state standards



82% of underserved LAUSD middle school students did NOT meet California's MATH standards* in 2021-22.


66% of underserved LAUSD middle school students did NOT meet California'sELA standards* in 2021-22.
Statistics by Aran Pandey

Researchers from Stanford and Harvard released a study dated January 31, 2024 that presented results of ongoing recovery initiatives following the pandemic. It states that students in poor communities are at a greater disadvantage today than they were five years ago.

This graph reveals that LAUSD* students are considerably below meeting grade-level standards in math, one of the subjects where learning loss has been the greatest.

The Emily Shane Foundation’s SEA Program aims to help improve this situation.

*Currently, we operate at three LAUSD sites, which constitute 56% of our SEA Program participants, with plans to commence at a fourth LAUSD site in Northridge at a high-priority middle school.

Student Testimonials


Karen, 8th grader in Pico Rivera

"I was failing science, and now thanks to the SEA Program, I’m passing. I turn in more missing assignments, and I pay more attention in class. I feel like I actually like school more than before."

Zack, 6th grader in Malibu

"I used to have an F in math, but now I have an A! Because of the SEA Program, I got all my missing assignments done, and all my grades are A’s and B’s now."

Naimah, 6th grader in South LA

“Claudia, my SEA Program mentor/tutor, has made Math and other subjects easy for me. I got A’s on my report card! Claudia is gentle, helpful, and makes school work fun and educational.”

Success Makes Us Smile!

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