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In Memory of Emily Shane

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A Message

From Executive Director
Ellen Shane

Back in 2010, my daughter Emily was targeted by a driver, struck, and murdered at the age of 13. In the midst of our grief, something happened. Kids in her school flooded us with stories about Emily. We discovered so much about her and her life at school—Emily was more giving than we ever knew.

The Emily Shane Foundation honors the many memories of our Emily:


Emily Transcended Cliques

From David: "I miss you so much. You touched so many people’s lives and you were a friend of everybody."

From Ruby: “I can’t put into words how much everyone loves you. You would always smile and be generous and do absolutely nothing wrong. Everybody says, 'nobody’s perfect,' but I think you were.”

From Madison: "Even when people were mean to you, you were kind. You couldn’t be mean! You stepped away from drama and always put a smile on my face. You were a perfect, shining soul, and you were a beautiful dancer. You had a bright future ahead of you, and I love and I miss you terribly."

Emily Valued Kindness

Because our students receive an act of kindness from their mentor/tutors, we ask that they #PassItForward
by doing a good deed for someone in their lives.

Emily Faced Learning Challenges

Processing and organizational difficulties held Emily back.
Luckily, our family could provide a one-to-one tutor.

Not all families can.
Enter The Emily Shane Foundation:

Learning Challenge

Low-income students dropout at 5x the rate
of middle income students.

Learning Solution

100% of our students are low-income.

Learning Challenge

Foreign-born Hispanic students drop out at
3x the rate of Black students &
4x that of white students.

Learning Solution

63% of our students were Hispanic in 2022-23.

24% were Black.

Mentor/Tutors: The Ultimate Learning Solution

According to Youth.gov, students with mentor/tutors are:
46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
52% less likely to skip a day of school
55% more likely to enroll in college, despite an opportunity gap

Emily Made The World Better

We’re following in her footsteps:
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11+ years
1000+ students
40 - 50 mentor/tutors
14 schools all around Los Angeles

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower underserved middle school students through personalized academic coaching and mentorship. We foster positive relationships that inspire dreams, unlock potential, and champion educational equity while promoting kindness in the world.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every student has the resources to succeed in school, and feels empowered to become a contributing, compassionate, and socially conscious member of society.

Mentor/Tutor Testimonials


Eva, Mentor/Tutor at Malibu Middle School

“The rapport I’ve developed with my SEA Program student comes from building trust and faith in each other to stay consistent with school work. I believe in consistent support no matter what, and celebration when she does well.”

Julianna, Mentor/Tutor at Rio Del Valle Middle School, Oxnard

“I’ve built great relationships with my students. They’ve made so much progress and thanks to the SEA Program, they’ll be able to walk the line at their promotion ceremony—which I am excited to attend!”

Krystany, Mentor/Tutor at Rio Del Valle Middle School, Oxnard

“I got so much satisfaction in seeing how the extra help and greater effort my student put into her school work translated to better marks and increased her motivation.”

Extra! Extra!

Working as a mentor/tutor changed
Samantha Colvin’s life —forever
Read her article here

“It almost felt like I had saved somebody’s life.” - Samantha Colvin
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SEA Program In Action!

Our Founders

Empowering Futures: The Emily Shane Foundation's Heartfelt Mission

In 2011, Ellen and Michel Shane founded the 501(c)3 nonprofit, The Emily Shane Foundation, driven by the tragic loss of their youngest child Emily in 2010. Committed to transforming the lives of underserved middle schoolers, they honor Emily's memory through academic aid and kindness initiatives.

Our Board

Guiding the Path to Student Empowerment and Kindness

Michel Shane
(Co-Founder and Board Chair)
Sabina Goldstein
(Educator, Tulsa School for Advanced Studies)
Kathy Landmann
(Attorney, formerly with O’Merlvery & Myers)
Vladislava Skvortova
(Founder, Monarch Mama)
Steven M. Weinberg
(Attorney, Carmel-By-The-Sea)
Steve Koskie
(Co-Founder and CEO Infinite Percent Partners)
Paul Wolff
(Founder, Nutriblass)
Dr. Elaine Ahumada
(Director of the Doctorate in Public Administration Program, Professor of Public Administration, California Baptist University)

Event Committee

Crafting Memorable Experiences for Empowerment and Kindness

Left to right: Barbara Avishay • Ellen Shane • Kelly Uchimura • Melinda Mendel • Emily Elizabeth • Mary Garrison • Kristen Swindal • Margaret Cohn

Not Pictured: Lisa Ellis • Lindsay Roberts Miller • Emily Schmidt Goldstein

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