Much More Than
Homework Help...

Profile of our SEA Program students:

In the mainstream classroom
Failing one or more core academic classes
Lacking organizational skills &  numerous missing assignments
Hiring their own support is financially out of reach

We work closely with school counselors and administrators to identify students in need that fit our profile.

In addition, we contact parents and coordinate with them as closely as possible.

Our SEA mentor/tutors:

Motivated and high-performing university students
Vetted and trained by ESF
Meet in-person, virtually, or both for at least one hour, twice a week

Our mentor/tutor training:

Our proprietary mentor/tutor training was designed by Ellen Shane together with Eugene Bream, a master middle school teacher and 40+ year classroom veteran.

SEA Program Format

First, check-in personally with students to nourish a “big sister / big brother” relationship, so students have a role model for success.

Second, provide individualized guidance to build critical study and organizational skills and provide learning supports to boost failing grades in key academic subjects.

Third, support students by drawing on their individual learning styles.

SEA & Empowerment

Our students learn:

to believe in themselves
that they can pass their classes
that graduating high school is an attainable goal
that they can achieve their dreams

Admission to the Ivy League is not the point. Empowerment means helping disadvantaged, struggling students believe that they have what it takes to succeed—in whatever way makes sense to them.

Parent/School Counselor Testimonials

Jamie, parent at Malibu Middle School

"My daughter Leah’s mentor has been a positive role model—she even said she wants to attend the same university. Her mentor is always positive; yet, strict when she needs to be. She makes learning fun and is so attentive and kind. I’m beyond impressed with her ability to connect with her students.”

Kelly (Kelly's son Juan pictured), parent at William Jefferson Clinton Middle School, South LA

“Juan is getting more confidence in himself. I have noticed that he’s able to complete his homework without asking me for help. He has always had trouble reading, and having a mentor has encouraged him to read more on his own. Without the SEA Program, I wouldn’t know where else to look.”

Ms. Maya Brown, School Counselor: Wright Middle School STEAM Magnet, Westchester

“I’ve had parents in tears because their child was slipping through the cracks and they could not afford tutoring. Thanks to The Emily Shane Foundation, I can offer them personalized tutoring and mentoring from committed, high-performing college students. The SEA Program has been a wonderful gift to our students and parents alike.”

Mr. Joey Hernandez, School Counselor: North Park Academy of the Arts, Pico Rivera

“One of the great benefits of the SEA Program is the flexibility they offer. They know that our students have diverse schedules and learning styles, so the flexibility of online tutoring and different mentors has been instrumental in making a positive impact on the lives of our students. We value our partnership with the SEA Program as they continue to support the academic success and personal growth of our student community.”

Markie Simmons, Boys and Girls Club Director: Colina Middle School, Thousand Oaks

“The tutors that come to my Boys and Girls Club have all cultivated strong relationships with their students—making them feel comfortable and excited to learn. Their parents and my entire staff have noticed these students growing in confidence. I look forward to many more years of partnership with the SEA Program!”

SEA Program In Action!

The SEA Program’s Results

2022-2023 Academic School Year

On a 4.0 scale, students felt less lost, more supported and indicated greater confidence after completing the SEA Program.
In 2021-2022, students' grades improved as reflected in the graph above.


“#Pass it Forward”: our foundation’s motto

To show gratitude for their mentor/tutors, we ask our SEA Program students to “Pass it Forward” with an act of kindness for every session.

Good deeds can be big or small.
They can be for a person or any living creature.
They will be entered on our website and posted on X (aka Twitter).
Our goal is to plant the seed of social consciousness in our youth.
Submit A Good Deed

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