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Wings Over Malibu

6 PM - 9 PM

Thursday, April 18, 2024 | Malibu, CA

Join us for our annual gala spring fundraiser event, Wings Over Malibu! Featuring live entertainment, auctions, delicious food, curated wines, and much more! Come for what promises to be a memorable evening to empower underserved students.
Wings Over Malibu 2023

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What do Students Have to Say About Our SEA Program? We are sharing quotes from student participants across our various sites. Today, we present Joshua in Thousand Oaks!

"The SEA Program gives me enough time to complete my work. It has helped improve my work habits and grades. I'm getting better grades in English and math now. It also helped me to determine what I want to be later in life. I also feel more confident in succeeding in my classes now and want to do better in high school!"


The SEA Program Resumes!

As the second term of the 2023-24 academic year has begun, we are ready to welcome newly identified students in need of our SEA Program and continue to support the 70 students already participating.

We are proud of the progress our students have realized in their first school term. Join us as we look to their continued success – let’s make a real difference together! Watch the video below to understand the direct impact of your support!

Thank You 3 Heart Strings!

We are grateful for our collaboration with the nonprofit charity 3 Heart Strings. The sales of their bracelets and stickers throughout the month of September helped raise funds to support our SEA Program. Pictured above was their last in-person tabling event of the month. You can still purchase bracelets to support ESF by visiting the 3 Heart Strings website and selecting any of The Emily Shane Foundation’s bracelets or stickers.